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High performance pipe marking and labelling solutions

Properly marked pipes provides a clear understanding of what is running through complex pipe lines, and helps in reducing process downtime.

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A properly implemented Pipe Marking program ensures that employees working in the facility are aware of pipe content as well as potential hazards associated with it.

It is often overlooked but vital part of maintaining a safe and productive operations.

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Brigs high performance pipe markers are extremely durable indoor/outdoor conditions and harsh industrial environment.

Brigs' Pipe Markers provide a quick, accurate critical information such as pipe content, its hazard (Color coding & GHS), flow direction, origin and destination of the fluid.

All of this can be customised as per company's needs and applicable standards.

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Industrial compliances

Pipe marking Industrial compliances

Complient to industrial standards

  • ASME A13.1-2007
  • ISO 14726
  • IIAR - International institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
  • IS 2379 - Indian standard of pipeline - identification - color code

Product knowledge

Pipe marking Product knowledge

Expert in pipe marking solutions with a decade of experience

  • Qualified surveyors
  • Various type of industries
  • COG, Food & Pharma, Metals (Steel & Aluminum)
  • Served many large customers like Grasim, JSW Steel, JSW Paints, Gujrat Guardian, Rashtriya Chemical & Fertlizer (RCF) to name a few
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Project model

Pipe Marking turnkey solution project model

Turnkey solutions

  • P&ID followed by manual verified pipe line assessment and process mapping
  • Productive nomenclatures
  • GHS incorporation on markers for better hazard communication
  • Trained inhouse qualified site engineers, supervisors and technicians to do the job
  • Speed and accuracy of the marking

Performance solutions

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High performance Pipe Markers and Labels

  • E215, E218, E315, E326 - A complete range of High performance pipe markers
  • Specially meant for curved surfaces
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Protected with polyester overlam for excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • Grasim - 7 years
  • JSW Dolvi - 6 years
  • Reusable and reposionable
  • Temperature resistance