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Visual approach to make workplace safe & productive

Prime motive of our visual workplace approach is to identify and eliminate deficits in information through visual solutions covering all work environments, to build a safer and productive workplace.

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When it comes to visual workspace... one size doesn't fit all. Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry, there are always new issues, concerns and challenges. These challenges need to be addressed when trying to develop and implement strategies for successfully achieving a safe & productive workplace.

Visual communications tools such as signs and visual controls are relied on every day to ensure people are doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time and for the right reason – even when no one is watching.

  • Professional
    • We are core safety professionals, we undurstand industry needs, we work closely with you to understand your challanges, environment, workers, and build tailored visual solutions suitable for you. Our products provide unrivaled durability and visibility.
  • Tailored design
    • Our approach to providing visual solution includes identifying and eliminating deficit in visual information through discussion, conducting site study, and building the solution tailored perfectly fit for you.
  • End-to-end solution
    • We are a niche turnkey vilual solution provider functioning as a single point of responsibility for the implementation of all visual workspace requirements. Starting with requirement identification, design, fabrication, till installation.
Human sesnses in percentage for visual workplae

Humans beings are visual creatures. We are geared to perceive our environment through our primary sense: Vision - A human being see, interpret and catalog enormous amount of data through visual sense every day. Typically, 80% of what we learn is through visual.

Visual communication is the most effective way to communicate important and critical information. Every information that is needed to understand the workplace and to operate safely and effectively should be communicated visually.

The prime motive of the visual approach is to identify and eliminate deficits in information through visual solutions covering all work venues and intentional environments.

Following are the certain benefits of the visual workplace:

  • Improved safety: Communication is essential when it comes to workplace safety. The critical factor is how information is provided at workplace and be acknowledged by the audience..
  • On-job training: Studies have shown people retain more knowledge when it is provided in visual format. Using visual posters and signs throughout the facility always have positive effect.
  • Enhanced learning: With increasing number of less experienced staff and growing complexity at workplace, there are concerns faced by manufacturing facilities in terms of on-job knowledge. Using visuals throughout your facility can help you sustain your safety, lean and productivity initiatives by communicating facility information and reinforcing training programs.
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Visually Enabled and Transformative

BRiGS is providing an ecosystem of communication through certified quality visual solutions connecting with internal and external stakeholders. In this environment, anybody can instantly see at a glance the current state of work, navigate their way around the area, know and drive inventory status, or track how the team are performing versus target, ensure regular safe machine maintenance, secure workplace safety, respond to emergencies and also know about corporate goals and initiatives..

Our visual workplace solutions aimed to reduce waste, enhance knowledge, promotes safety and improves productivity by bringing in worker behavioural change, and better discission making. This is achieved by bring in the aspect of:

  • Transparency: The ability of the production process or its parts is to communicate with people
  • Discipline: Making a habit of properly maintaining the correct procedures to ensure correct practices
  • Continuous Improvement: Focussed and sustained incremental innovation through repetitive visual learning
  • Job Facilitation: Physically or mentally ease people’s effort on routine, already known facts by offering various visual aids

More on Visual Workplace

Visual Workspace Contents

Properties of good Visual Workplace
  • We create contents for visual SOP, safety, efficient operation, emergency response, way-finding and more. The contents are designed for your workers to get trained, reinforce safety behaviour, and access in “moment of need”.
  • These contents are customized for your objectives, environment, and consistent throughout your organization to standardize safety practices across borders, independent of language, qualification or cultural variation.
  • We work closely with you to develop contents for a Better environmental controls, smarter operation, and higher standard of safety, which will help you improve behaviour of workers towards a healthier, safer and productive work environment.