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Document management system for a productive work environment

Policy, Procedure, guidelines, tutorials... access, view, share anytime anywhere with easy navigation options, or just by scanning a QR-Code

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DocuMate is a simple but extremely usefull tool, that can be used to manage and access contents such as documents, videos, images that your organization uses. Functionality of DocuMate:

  • Access document / contents through QR code
    • Create QR code for contents or Group of centents, and access them just by scanning it with your handheld device.
    • Not just documents, also supports videos, and images.
  • Category, Location, Functionality
    • Create your own Category, Location or Functionalities for ease of categorization.
    • Access SOP, LOTO procedures, animated contents, does and don'ts, maintenance manual, and any other digital contents related to specific Category, Location or Functionality.
  • Share and Archive contents
    • Share contents with colleagues for them to access it without searching.
    • Archive important document which you may refer repeatedly, and get access to it in just a few clicks.
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Getting access to a physical copy of standard operation procedure, maintenance manual, or a training video of a machine at the "time of need" is always a challange while on the floor. DocuMate makes it easier for you to get instant access to such content.

Efficient access to such resources makes your worker informed, knowledgable, and less susseptible to error. Creating a safe and efficient workplace, leading to more profitable business for you.

With DocuMate you can:

  • Access contents by scanning a QR code.
  • Customize categories, locations and functionalities based on your organization requirement
  • Group related contents to access them using a single QR code
  • Share and Archive for quick access
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Product Highlight

Accessing content related to your workplace doesn't get easier than this. The back-end server software gives the flexibility to manage, control and publish your asset content from anywhere-anytime, so that users can access them on their fingertips.

  • Ease of Use:
    • Intuitive UI, can operate without need of any technical knowledge. Easy onboarding process, content creation, addition, and maintenance in just few clicks. And we are always available for user training, and ongoing support to ensure successful technology adoption.
  • Platform infrastructure:
    • We support customized back-end implementation to suit your organization requirement, either On-Premise, Hybrid or Cloud. Also, for dedicated usage of handheld devices, our commercial grade tablets are designed to run continuously in a harsh environment.
  • Features and Functionality:
    • Onboarding users, creating categories, adding contents, support for videos, various document formats, consolidated dashboard, and more..

Sample DocuMate on Mobile

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DocuMate Contents

DocuMate documents

We create visual SOP, LOTO procedures, animated contents, does and don'ts, and any other contents that you require for digitizing your equipment data. We also develop the audit forms according to operational parameters of your equipments, and customize them based on your requirement.

These contents are customized for your objectives, environment, and consistent throughout your organization to standardize safety practices across borders, independent of language, qualification or cultural variation.

We work closely with you to develop contents for a Better environmental controls, smarter operation, and higher standard of safety, which will help you improve behaviour of workers towards a healthier, safer and productive work environment.