High Performance Pipe Marking

BRiGS is pioneer in providing industrial pipe markers for complex piping infrastructure for Chemical, Petrochemical, Food processing, Pharmaceuticals and General industry.

Brigs Pipe Marking Program is most comprehensive program to make your workplace more safe and productive.

Often in process plants, workers either don’t take decisions on time or miss to take right decisions in absence of identification of type of fluid in the pipe.

At Brigs we identify this gap and provide end to end Pipe Marking Program for process plants.

Valve Tags for process pipes

Valve tags is an essential element of Process Safety Management. Its an important tool to enable safe & productive workplace.

Just imagine if someone in a process plants, opens a wrong valve, it can cause dangerous scenario. Using a valve tags can reduce the risk of spills, accidents and injuries related to the pipes and valves in the process plant.

High Performance Tank Markers

Bulk Tanks / Silos are essential part of any process plants. These tanks either act as storage tank pr as process tank for any kind of chemical reaction. But in any way these tanks carry a high risk potential.

These tanks carry hazards related to confined space, chemical spill, any chance of process hazard and many more. Its always very important to identify the content inside the tank and any process hazard.


Brigs Asset Mate is an Asset management solution which help in tracking, performing the audits and securing the asset by giving
alerts based on pre-defined conditions.

In today’s world where compliance is the key buzzword, audit and data collection is the key. Collecting the right data at the right time and ensuring the same is presented and used in the right way is very much important to be compliant to the requirements.


Brigs DOCU MATE is a document management & display system which helps in storing, retrieving and displaying different types of documents in various locations on a digital platform. This helps in quick retrieval, safe and clearly visible documents and 100% availability of the document at the required location. It helps in ensuring 100% compliance and usage of the documents and avoids any chance of misplacing the documents which happens during hard copy maintenance. This also helps in ensuring the latest version of document is available at the usage location.

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