Identification solution for complex & hazardous piping systems

Labeling a new plant or retrofitting existing plants, BRiGS is ready with solution

BRIGS executes high performance industrial labeling with performance warranty

Identification solution for complex & hazardous piping systems - BRiGS use high quality material to sustain UV rays, temperature variations and exposure to harsh chemiclas

Hazard identification either in terms of GHS compliance or NFPA compliance

Tank identification with practically no limits as of size, environmental conditions and amount of information

Codes, Tags & Labels are essential part of process identification

Communication & understanding of the hazard is must for safe workplace. BRiGS has wide variety of QSigns.

Better communication in a facility needs BRiGS range of floor markers

XPS Evermark floor marker for harsh environment

Most organised workplace has , Shadow board for holding tools for quick decision making

Every compliant or ISO integrated facility has need to display SOPs, BRiGS has wide range of SOP holders.